Albuquerque Emotional Wellness

I am also a mother of three young children and understand the complexities of trying to balance work and family life, an invaluable part of my life experience that helps me every day in my work.

A unique approach to adult and adolescent psychotherapy and education


Marnie Holm Schroeder; LPCC

I hold Masters degrees in Counseling and Public Administration. I have over 10 years professional experience working with:

  • Adult mood and anxiety disorders in a private practice setting
  • Couples struggling with trust, conflict resolution and communication issues
  • Adolescents demonstrating high risk behaviors in intensive outpatient and inpatient settings
  • Domestic violence counseling
  • Meditation and other mindfulness work with adults
  • Severe psychopathology including Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder in an inpatient setting