Behavioral change has three core aspects:


  1. The individual gains insight into the nature of their problems
  2. The individual must be willing to change and be offered a helping environment that supports this willingness; and
  3. The individual needs to practice new coping skills; not just a few times, but repeatedly, until they have adopted a truly new way of responding to their environment, and not simply reacting to it.


Traditional therapy programs usually focus on the first two aspects of change, but often do not provide clients the practice opportunities they need to sustain changes talked about in therapy.  Albuquerque Emotional Wellness is unique in that the client is offered the opportunity to practice emotional wellness skills in a highly structured way that helps them achieve  lasting shifts in their coping abilities.

A Unique Treatment Approach

A key element of individual change is willingness to take personal responsibility for learning skills to cope in a healthy way with one's thoughts and feelings. I work with individuals (as opposed to couples, groups or families), so I can teach coping skills in an environment of personal attention and tailored care with a strong emphasis on individual accountability.


Albuquerque Emotional Wellness

A unique approach to adult and adolescent psychotherapy and education